Cycling in Southern California- Experience the beauty of 4 seasons

Once in a life time

Cycling in Southern California- Experience the beauty of 4 seasons

The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling team is beginning their 9th year of racing, with Southern California as it’s homebase. The team began as a local criterium hit-squad and has blossomed into one of the best Pro UCI teams in the country, which is very exciting.

Nestled in suburbia of Southern California, training routes can place a team rider on a mountain pass or along the Pacific Ocean on any given day. If motivated enough, one could ride in both elements in one day!

Many of the team riders have enjoyed training in the Redlands area over the years, where the climbing takes them up past 8,000ft in FT elevation into the forest and during the winter, onto snow-lined roads. In stark contrast to the bustling metropolitan cities below, these mountain roads provide the riders with peace and quiet, zero stop lights and the high probability of seeing several species of wildlife along the way.

During the summer and fall, these roads become a favorite to climb as with each mile ascended, the temperatures drop, ultimately being 15-20 degrees F cooler than the valley floor below. Riding in 80F is much more enjoyable, and allows the riders to dig deeper as they pedal and enjoy a longer ride.

This region provides a drastic shift in seasons as winter begins and snow falls, making the mountain roads impassable by bike. Fortunately, the routes closer to the coast and at lower elevation - just an hour away - offer more great opportunities to train.

The weather remains temperate and allows the athletes to log long miles on the bike, taking in desert and coastal views along the way. The big crowds can be avoided by riding in areas such as Palm Springs or Borrego Springs which are in the desert. Riders can also head to the Pacific Coast Highway along the ocean to enjoy a long, flat ride and stop for a coffee along the way.

The Southern California region provides the riders of the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team the chance to train at elevation to prepare for UCI events such as the Tour of Utah, as well crisping their tan lines along the beach. One could ride at the beach and the mountains all in one day as well. A ‘Bucket List’ ride is to begin in Big Bear, CA at 8,000ft and ride all the way to Huntington Beach, CA at sea level and the Pacific Ocean. This route is 100 miles long and would make for a great day of training, soaking in all the different terrains and climates of the area from mountain pine trees to desert scape and finishing at the ocean.

We hope that one day you can experience your ‘Once in a Lifetime’ ride in Southern California with us!

-The Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team

Brian’s bio

"Brian McCulloch is beginning his 9th season with the Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling Team, and his 3rd year racing as a UCI Professional. A resident of Yucaipa, CA, he has access to train in beautiful mountains as well as by the ocean. In 2018, Brian won the Belgian Waffle Ride - a mixed terrain event covering 138 miles and his countless hours training in the mountains near his home helped prepare him for this feat. Brian is a ferocious criterium racer and adept stage racer who works diligently for the team to help ensure the team races to victory."