Focusing on the 95% of Potential Market Brompton Urges Cycling Industry be the Leader in Solving Global Warming Crisis

Focusing on the 95% of Potential Market Brompton Urges Cycling Industry be the Leader in Solving Global Warming Crisis

Will Butler-Adams OBE, the ECO of the biggest bicycle manufacturer in the U.K., Brompton, is an open-minded and sincere leader who is passionate about sustainability. And this bicycle factory is also deeply rooted in an open, sincere, and sustainability-oriented culture.

Since being founded in 1976, Brompton has been manufacturing all bicycles within England. The folding bikes not only changed how people move about in the city, but also the design itself is the epitome of the cycle industry. Trained workers weld frames together manually in their spacious and comfortable assembly line in Greenford, which doubles as the headquarters and manufacturing base. The workers’ ID numbers branded on the finished frames are not unlike the “We take pride” plaque hanging on the wall that signifies proof of quality and honor.

During the COVID pandemic, Brompton went through an ordeal and rose like a phoenix from the ashes. “The Emperor’s New Clothes is an inspiring parable and it is imperative to speak the truth in Brompton. At the beginning of the pandemic, we didn’t think much of it because we thought it would not last long. But then when all of Europe got into lockdown and the sales plummeted 60-70% within 3 weeks, we were scared, honestly speaking.”

Facing the problem honestly is how Will Butler-Adams got Brompton through the initial frozen period at the beginning of the pandemic. Then the pandemic brought about health awareness in the general public and the bike orders soared globally. When the supply was much greater than the demand and there was a tsunami of stock, Brompton was already prepared for it. “When we saw less than expected demands from the retailers and e-commerce channels, we realized that we needed to stop selling on those platforms. So we sought understanding from the suppliers and made the painful decision to let some people go and apply for loans from the bank. Fortunately, we made it through.” Will Butler-Adams recounted the roller-coaster ride he went through during the pandemic with lingering uneasiness.

Planning our outlook with ESGs in mind, cycling is one of the most sustainable living styles no doubt. Will Butler-Adams asked us a question out of nowhere “Do you know the cycling population in Taipei? I mean those who cycle 2-3 times a week?” “30%?” we replied with hesitation. “Less than 5%. It’s 4.5% in London, which is about the average figure worldwide.”

Will Butler-Adams went on to explain that all cycling industries focus on the 5% population who cycle regularly yet leave the 95% of potential customers unattended. “Mass transit tools such as trains, MRT, and buses all use up a great deal of energy. However, a bicycle of nearly 10 KG can take us everywhere in the city, and better yet, it is the best choice for us to combat global warming. So our chances lie on those 90% population who already know how to cycle but have not yet decided to cycle. “

Brompton opens its retail stores close to people’s living quarters to interact with people. So that people are aware of more options when it comes to cycling, such as the bike hire service they offer across the UK.

” We need to put the bike industry into a whole new perspective, which is to become the leader of global climate change so as to solve the biggest predicament on earth now!” Will Butler-Adams says with a smile.