Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability in Taiwan to Safeguard Our Earth by Fulfilling Zero-Carbon Emissions

Young Liu, C. E. O. of Giant Group

A-Team 2.0 It’s Now or Never

Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability in Taiwan to Safeguard Our Earth by Fulfilling Zero-Carbon Emissions

While the cycling industry worldwide strives to tackle issues of excess inventory post-pandemic, the cycling community in Taiwan is coming together and marching forward. Emerging in response to the global warming crisis, the Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS) was established by the Giant Group with the aim of collectively safeguarding our planet through the implementation of ESGs (Environmental, Social, and Governance practices). “After discussion, all members agreed to take up the somewhat difficult challenge to complete greenhouse gas inventory within two years and reduce annual single-product carbon footprint by 3% to reach the final goal in 2030 when the carbon emissions of each cycle are reduced by either 25% or 40 kg!” said the Chairman of BAS and CEO of Giant Group, Young Liu.

“ESGs are such eye-openers for me. Searching for cheaper materials was the only way we knew how to cut costs before. But now we realize that retiring energy-burning machinery and/or improving layout design will also cut down the energy consumption. During the first year after we upgraded our facility, the carbon emissions were reduced by 17.7%! What a stunning result that was!” Young Liu shared the encounter he had years ago when China grappled with the challenges of air and environmental pollution. The lesson he learned was “one has to think ahead of the government policies and take whatever actions properly early while the costs are still low. Once the regulations have been passed, you have to pay a much higher price to meet the requirement!”

Armed with both experience and vision, the Giant Group was not only voted the Chairman of the BAS but also ranked 51st in the global sustainable industry by the World Economic Forum in 2023. The recognition inspired every member of BAS to participate in ESG workshops, leading to more than 90% of them initiating the process of measuring their carbon footprints. With the enforcement of carbon tariffs by the EU, the cycling industry have strengthened their bonds, forming a tighter-knit community than ever before. Apart from the enterprise's future and profit margin, Young Liu said “Even if not for the company, following ESGs would have been totally worthwhile for my own sake! It wouldn’t mean anything if the return of such a huge revenue turns out to be such a polluted earth!” In addition to these company initiatives, the Giant Group also organizes beach-cleaning family functions throughout the year.

ESGs are challenges to enterprises in reducing carbon emissions, and yet also serve as the drive that enables the enterprises to break through. Young Liu continuously ponders innovative solutions for the cycling industry within the framework of ESG principles. Do all the current solutions such as smart riding, second-hand cycles, share-bikes, recycled batteries, power and welfare of the employees provide a more environmentally friendly possibility? Are there more alternatives? Liu embraces the challenges with a smile “With an open mind and open brain, we are prepared to face all challenges and the innovations and opportunities behind these challenges.”