Chinese Hot Brand SSSAINT LOUIS Exploring the Perfect Combination of Fashion and Retro

Chinese Hot Brand SSSAINT LOUIS

Exploring the Perfect Combination of Fashion and Retro

In 2020, the acclaimed fashion buyer Jazzy founded SSSAINT LOUIS, a distinctive brand in its own right. As a Gen Y, Jazzy is always inquisitive about all things new. He reminisced of when he was in middle school during the pre-internet era where he could only study how Japanese and Hong Kong models and celebrities dressed in magazines. Initially, he merely observed, bought and replicated the styles of those celebrities. Over time, he evolved into an experienced buyer and ultimately ascended to the position of styling director for the renowned Chinese variety show “The Singers”.

Engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and catering to the demands of people from all walks of life poses a highly challenging mission for Jazzy. In this endeavor, he must exhibit heightened sensitivity and awareness of various cultures, values and preferences. Striving for greater accomplishments, Jazzy seeks a more refined understanding of this field.

Having been a connoisseur of international retro single-item collectibles from an early stage, Jazzy incorporated his own unique retro style to his brand. As a fashion buyer, he would only place orders after he was involved in multiple fashion weeks to evaluate the latest trends and what the audience liked. "I expect my brand to be an eclectic of fashion, artistic expression and realistic wearability."

Street liberal and elegant retro charm is Jazzy's interpretation of his fashionable vintage designs. Every hand-crafted single item is susceptible to ink fade, wear and tear, and deterioration. All these "relocation" artistic applications became the most unique and recognizable characteristics of SSSAINT LOUIS. The fusion of the new and old catapulted him to instant success in the fashion industry, capturing the attention of numerous stars, celebrities and Gen Z shortly after the launch of his own brand. Fashion has always been between the past and the future. Like dominos, they are constantly being pushed down and picked up for reconstruction. This is evident in the most recent collaboration between SSSAINT LOUIS and PLAYBOY.

Composing the logo through collages of red, pink, and blue, these collectible items are enhanced with vibrant splashes of color such as purple and greenish-gray. This juxtaposition with detailed retro craftsmanship adds a bright and distinctive touch to the designs. The distinctive Future Vintage signature of SSSAINT LOUIS pays homage to the classics while showcasing its entertainment-supremacy street spirit through bold and flashy visual elements

As Sid Garner says in the movie Hangover, "Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Jazzy portrays the potential scenarios unfolding late night in bars and dance floors on the canvas of VANS shoes. In this collaboration with VANS, he adds vibrant splashes of color to the shoes, symbolizing the chaotic hangover sentiment and deliberately rips the surface to accentuate the feeling of sudden loss experienced late at night in Sin City. Each of these details deserves careful appreciation and encourages those who own the hangover-themed shoes to deeply savor the moments of their lives.

The young kid who once meticulously studied magazines to imitate the styles of celebrities has held on to his passion and persistence, ultimately establishing himself as a leading figure in the fashion industry. SSSAINT LOUIS has not only built a stylish retro aesthetic but firmly believes that retro represents an unequivocal definition.


Founded the trendy brand "SSSAINT LOUIS" in 2020 and successively co-branded with VANS and PLAYBOY. He once served as the style director of the Chinese variety show "Singer", the fashion director of 2ccmAPP and the senior buyer of Finland's CM-44.