A Rising Star in the London Fashion Show Ray Chu, an Emerging Taiwanese Designer: Showing His Attitude and Creating Diversified Energies

A Rising Star in the London Fashion Show

Ray Chu, an Emerging Taiwanese Designer: Showing His Attitude and Creating Diversified Energies

On a pleasant June evening, eager attendees stood in long queues anxiously awaiting entrance to London Fashion Week. The emerging Taiwanese fashion designer, Ray Chu, exudes a mix of anxiety and excitement, coupled with a subtle sense of relaxation. As the audience settles within the venue adorned with drifting white balloons, Ray Chu basks in the continuous buzz of exclamations, photography, and praise, eventually breaking into a smile.

In his third consecutive year showcasing at London Fashion Week, Ray Chu displays his remarkable talent with unwavering brilliance. Reflecting on a pivotal moment, the memory of his first show at the prestigious event fills him with joy. "I jumped up and down, screaming ecstatically when I received the notice. I made it! I finally made it!" Ray shares with a radiant smile and gleaming eyes.

It's surprising to think that Ray chose English Education as his major during his university years. His path diverged unexpectedly when he signed up for sewing and illustration classes in the extension section, ushering in a completely new chapter in his life. Since then, he has acquired expertise in fashion design, contributed to research and development for a Taiwanese brand, ventured to Shanghai as an international buyer and eventually established his own label. Throughout his fantastical odyssey in the realm of fashion, despite facing numerous challenges, Ray's vibrant creativity has yielded profound and diverse works emphasizing gender fluidity and sustainable fashion.

To unfold all possibilities is one of Ray’s core values. Establishing a presence in the fashion industry is a challenging feat without the support of a family business. Grateful for the guidance and wisdom provided by mentors, Ray's designs seamlessly merge edgy avant-garde elements with everyday charm.

As the director of his own label, Ray asserts “During the London Fashion Week, everyone is asking about the background of designers. So I would like to build up an attitude with my works to create a fluid energy, fluid social classes, fluid gender, fluid environmentally sustainable fashion, fluid new media and materials…”

His past role as a buyer bestowed upon him a keen and pragmatic understanding of market demands, a quality that resonates effectively in his designs. This year at the London Fashion Week, Ray's remarkable creations draw inspiration from the ocean, showcasing the delicate yet resilient Manta Ray. He unveiled clothing adorned with 3D-printed manta rays, showcasing his signature silhouette suits, vibrant red VELO t-shirts and casually stylish denim embellished with chic accessory accents. “Manta rays in 3D printing is a brand-new design, it takes numerous trials and fine-tuning to show the delicate bone structure clearly. I juxtapose perforated and linear patterns in the suits for the next season, while the VELO shirts entail a brand-new possibility. Other than being good-looking, I hope the consumers can wear my clothing every day. To me, the real success is when my clothing fits in all occasions in people’s daily lives.”

Advancing steadfastly toward his dreams, Ray Chu envisions a future that includes popup stores and even his own retail spaces, offering everyone the chance to experience his clothing firsthand. Embracing all possibilities with an open heart and mind serves as Ray's greatest source of momentum and motivation.