Velo Saddles Introduces the Angel Revo Halo Saddle Featuring Halo Foam

Velo Saddles introduces their first saddle with ETPU, the Angel Revo Halo. After launching the Angel Revo with nitrogen-infused Atmos Foam in 2022, Velo is excited to bring a new level of comfort with Halo Foam which utilizes ETPU. Offering expanded thermoplastic polyurethane foam (ETPU) as a foam option offers riders numerous benefits, including maximum comfort, shock absorption, and durability. The Angel Revo Halo is available with titanium rails in 248mm length and 148mm width.

Commonly used in sporting items, ETPU is produced by heating and expanding thermoplastic polyurethane pellets under pressure, resulting in a lightweight and flexible foam that compresses and rebounds quickly. The use of Halo Foam in the Angel Revo provides exceptional shock absorption properties, effectively reducing the impact of bumps and vibrations from the road or trail, significantly enhancing rider’s comfort, especially during long rides or on epic gravel adventures. Halo Foam is also highly elastic and has excellent shape recovery, allowing the saddle to adapt and conform to the rider's body contours. This personalized fit minimizes pressure points and promotes blood circulation, preventing numbness and discomfort.

Blending popular features from their Senso TT and Angel TT performance saddle, the Halo maintains its original design of the Angel Revo. It includes Velo’s patented pressure relief Y-Cutout, the longest cutout of previous models providing enhanced comfort

for long rides. Additionally, it includes Velo’s proprietary EuphoraBase shell, a non-petroleum-based hybrid bioplastic using plant-based materials and glass fiber. Patented Atmos Shaping technology combines Halo’s Omnicover and the base without visible seam. This innovative technology ensures 100% waterproof and easier to clean after use. The Halo Omnicover is made from recycled polyurethane (PU) and knitted metallic threads, offering exceptional durability and water resistance. It offers a balanced level of traction, ensuring a comfortable and secure connection between the rider and the saddle.

The Angel Revo Halo will be available summer of 2023 and has a target MSRP of US$125.

Dimensions: 248x148mm

Rails: Ti rails consumer production

Weight: 245g ±2% - ti rails

Colors: Monogram

Tech Features:

  • Halo OmniCover
  • Halo Foam (ETPU)
  • EuphoraBase
  • Y-Cutout
  • Atmos Shaping