Hello Taipei Cycle! VELO unveils sustainable new riding points.

Hello Taipei Cycle! VELO unveils sustainable new riding points.

With the return of spring, Taipei Cycle 2024 has arrived as scheduled. What new things will VELO bring this time?
Environment conservation - is a significant topic at this year's Taipei Cycle.

Over the past year, VELO has consistently fulfilled the promise of "Securing a Sustainable Future for Earth" and integrated ESG principles into its corporate development goals. From actively conducting carbon audits, purchasing PCR/GRS certified materials, reducing the use of petrochemical materials, to switching factory operations to solar energy, VELO's efforts have always been under the supervision of society and the public. 

Based on this foundation, VELO is showcasing the latest environmentally friendly materials and technologies at the expo:

PIR/PU Foam: Recycling discarded foam to create new foam.
Coffee Grounds and EVA Foam: Mixing coffee grounds with EVA to reduce carbon emissions during manufacturing.
Omni Cover Eco-leather: Using GRS 4.0 certified recycled yarn leather, sourced from recycled bottles and fishing nets.
Euphora Base Eco Nylon Shell: Using eco-friendly shell made from natural plant oil.

Let's look forward to a brighter future for cycling together.