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Angel Revo
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NTD$ 3,300
248*148 mm
AtmosFoam (VAF)
Omni Cover \ EuphoraBase
  • Angel Revo includes Velo’s patented pressure relief Y-Cutout. The saddle features the longest cutout of previous models providing enhance comfort for long rides. 
  • Velo’s new AtmosFoam, a nitrogen-infused foam designed to enhance performance and durability while minimizing the production process's environmental impact. AtmosFoam is lightweight and provides incredible support for the rider’s sit bones, improving comfort and performance.
  • The Angel Revo also introduces Velo’s new proprietary EuphoraBase shell, a non-petroleum-based hybrid bioplastic using plant-based materials and glass fiber.
  • The new Omni saddle cover utilizes recycled knitted fabric instead of microfiber substrates.