The VL-1C47 is versatile saddle designed for all-mountain use. Whether you're ascending steep mountains or navigating technical descents, the 135mm width ensures unobstructed on-and-off positions for riders in various mountain conditions.

The transition areas of the saddle features increased padding, providing a smoother and more comfortable grip with the rider's legs. The specially designed center channel offers pressure relief and facilitates superior airflow. The relief channel is outfitted with mesh to prevent dirt or gravel from reaching the surface of the saddle.

The VL-1C47 is entirely waterproof and easy to clean after any adventure. Velo's signature light PU foam helps maintain a low weight. The reinforced nylon fiber shell offers increased strength and durability. The VL-1C47 is a versatile MTB saddle designed for all-around performance and is available now.


Building on the success of last year's well-received model VL-1C28, Velo has introduced the VL-1C50 for 2024. Using Velo’s patented Atmos Shaping technology, VL-1C50 is completely water proof and easy to clean. Aesthetically shaped with a slight tail-up design keeps the rider in position while pedaling. The VL-1C50 provides full support in multiple riding positions with the center channel providing superior pressure relief and adequate airflow. Patented I-Carry is featured on VL-1C50 for people who want to use this saddle on an E-MTB. The I-Carry design is a concealed ergonomic handle located on the underside of the shell for easier maneuverability of the bike during storage and transport. The integrated I-Carry is constructed with a reinforced saddle base. With a medium width of 145mm, it accommodates the majority of riders on gravel or MTB. The shorter nose design at 250mm in length aligns with current saddle trends.


VL-1C49 is a performance oriented, short nose saddle based off our popular after-market model Senso Ray. The 242mm x 143mm width saddle features lightweight shock absorbing light PU foam with superior support mounted on a solid shell with a full-length relief channel. The saddle features a classic T shape with gentle curves along the edges and a mostly flat top. Atmos Shaping joins the upper surface and seam between the polyurethane upper cover and nylon injection base, giving the saddle a simple and sleek look that will match any bike. VL-1C49 is the perfect match for mid-level specification for road, gravel and MTB.

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