VELO supports "Earth Hour Lights Out for an Hour" - Let's turn off the lights and love the Earth.

Bicycling is an eco-friendly activity, and the bicycle industry should be eco-friendly too. For years, VELO has been actively involved in environmental issues, adhering to green principles, and striving to minimize carbon emissions.

We take pride in our technologies, including recycled PET bottles and fishing nets made into GRS4.0 certified recycled yarn fabric, as well as the use of natural plant-based oils in our bike saddle shells. Additionally, we employ eco-friendly foam technologies like PIR PU Foam and EVA Foam blended with coffee grounds.

March 23rd is Earth Hour, and VELO will enthusiastically participate in the "Lights Out for an Hour" campaign. Let's turn off the lights together and illuminate hope.

On Earth Hour, VELO's buildings will promptly switch off their lights, allowing us to reconnect with the purity of the night sky. Through this action, we express our love for the planet and start from within.

Furthermore, VELO will integrate environmental principles throughout our entire business operations! Through our commitment to environmental conservation, we aim to make cycling not only a means of reducing carbon emissions and commuting but also a fashionable movement that incorporates recycling, energy efficiency, and other eco-friendly elements.

Lastly, as Earth Hour concludes, VELO invites everyone to join in! Let's not only turn off our lights on weekend nights but also practice energy-saving habits in our daily lives, such as using eco-friendly furniture and appliances, and unplugging rarely used electronics.

Only by doing so can we truly make the world a better place through energy conservation and carbon reduction!

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